What is it?

Achilles is a global leader in supplier management programmes working with around 800 of the world’s largest buying organisations. They create and manage collaborative communities matching over 77,000 qualified suppliers with relevant buyers, enabling contracts and reducing risks and costs for both groups.

Achilles is independent, collaborative and neutral, working with buyers and suppliers to create solutions and processes to enable efficient procurement activities.

More information on Achilles UVDB can be found here

Why would I need it?

Are you or do you want to be a supplier to Utilities, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Construction, Transport, Mining or Public Sector?   A number of large suppliers use Achilles to become more visible to a larger audience.

Benefits can include:

  • Winning new business
  • Reducing pre-qualification time and effort
  • Verifying quality assurance
  • Feedback leading to Business improvement

We said we keep it simple……how?

We start by seeing what you already have in place and what gaps you have.

Then we agree a plan of action and set some timescales.

We develop the documentation you need.

We work with you so you understand the process and “de-jargon” it.

We train you and your staff.

We audit the things we’ve implemented and work on areas you still have concerns with.

When you are ready to go for audit, we’re there on the day for support.

We have as much, or as little, involvement with you as you need.

We work on the understanding that you know your business better than we do but we understand systems and ways to improve so we should make a great team.


What’s my next step?

Contact Simply ISO via our contact us page or ring us on 0141 278 7190 to discuss the next steps and get a free, no obligation quote.